Early Childhood

Creating confident kids – ready to ROCK Kindergarten

Baby to Toddler (2 to 3 years)

A group or private setting that focuses on early math and reading skills through sensory fine motor, gross motor, expressive and receptive language, and independence building activities. This program offers a more structured, purposeful play group that fosters a child’s independence.

Preschool and Kindergarten Prep (4-5 years)

A group or private setting that focuses on building academic skills and self-confidence through early math concepts, number connections, phonemic awareness (rhyming, segmenting words, etc.), fine motor activities, and reading sight words. This program teaches strategies on how to be an independent writer and reader so your child will feel successful when he/she goes to Kindergarten.

  • Weekly individualized lesson plan that prepares child and parent for your school district’s academic expectations
  • Weekly reading backpack with leveled books when your child is ready to read (See below for more info)
  • Communication with teachers, therapists, doctors, etc.

Monday-Friday: $40 for 1 hour group session/$80 for 1 hour private session**

Private In-home: $105 for 1 hour private session 

**Session pricing reflects meeting at my home in Frontenac, online, or library of my choice.

Elementary and Middle School

Individualized Instruction Tailored to Your Learner

Private setting that focuses on building academic skills, executive functioning skills, and self-confidence through individualized lessons. Sessions can focus on math, reading, writing, spelling, phonics and word analysis, and/or reading comprehension strategies. This program teaches strategies to help your child feel successful in school and life.

  • Weekly individualized lesson plan tailored to support child’s classroom academic objectives.
  • Lessons are aligned with your school district’s curriculum standards.
  • Weekly reading backpack (pre-K-1st) with leveled books (See below for more info).
  • Communication with teachers, therapists, doctors, etc.

Kindergarten – Seventh Grade

Monday-Friday: $90 for 1 hour/$45 for 30 min. private session**

Private in-home or school: $105 for 1 hour session (private session only)

**Session pricing reflects meeting at my home in Frontenac, online, or library of my choice.

Executive Function Coaching

Elementary and Middle School

Executive Function Coaching: Private setting that empowers your child to cultivate a focused academic mindset and organizational skill set where they feel successful, confident, and happier.

Executive function coaching is for kids who:

  • Feel stressed, overwhelmed, or unhappy with schoolwork.
  • Struggle with time management, organizational, and planning skills.
  • Fail to turn in assignments and/or study properly for an assessment.
  • Understand the content taught, but feel like the traditional structures of school don’t work for them.

Executive function coaching will help your child to:

  • Create habits and systems to manage their academic and social/emotional workload.
  • Build time management skills through prioritizing, forward and backward planning, and check-lists.
  • Improve self-advocacy and problems solving skills. Coaching works if your child also wants to see a change.
  • Break down tasks into manageable steps.

Business Policies

Monthly Class Fees and Payment

Your enrollment agreement to Play and Learn Tutoring is on a month-to-month basis, with a 2-week notice-to-cancel policy. Tuition is payable monthly in advance on the first session date of the month for all the sessions your child attends that month.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations: Cancellations made within 3 hours of your session time will not be re-scheduled, reimbursed, or credited. If you need to cancel outside this window of time, the session can be rescheduled or credited to the next month.

Moving on: If you wish to end your tutoring/enrichment sessions, you must provide notice of termination by the 15th day of the month you wish to be your last. (For example, you must provide notice by April 15th for the termination to be effective as of May 1). Please continue attending your scheduled sessions until the effective date of termination.

Commitment Policy

Your child’s session availability is based on your commitment to attending each weekly session. You must attend or make payment for 75% of your monthly sessions in order to keep your child’s current session date and time.

Inclement Weather

If I need to cancel or reschedule due to weather, I will contact you via text message or phone call. Sessions will not be held on snow days when school is canceled. This session will be credited to the following month’s payment.


Sessions will not be held on most school holidays. I will contact you in advance to discuss these days.

Referral Policy

Play and Learn has been so rewarding and successful because you have helped build this program. If you refer a family to me for regular tutoring or enrichment sessions, your family will receive a complimentary session. Thank you for your kind words!

More Information

Reading Backpack (included in session pricing)

This is a take-home backpack with 2-3 beginning readers that are on your child’s level. My books are leveled using a system by Fountas and Pinell. Most schools in this area use the same leveled reading system.  This is an excellent resource for families because it is often difficult to find and interpret the level of early reader books you may find in the library.

Extended Reading Backpack (optional $10 per month)

This weekly, take-home backpack includes spelling and math games, leveled books, reading comprehension stories, and dry erase activities that focus on math, writing, reading, and spelling. This offers an alternative to traditional paper-pencil homework practice.

Preparation Time

My older groups require more prep time and communication with parents, school, doctors, and advocates. I often assist in completing school or doctor referral forms and questionnaires. All my elementary-aged lessons are designed to follow what your child is learning in school, ex. spelling words or sight words of the week and reinforcing math concepts in a similar manner that is being taught in school. I encourage families to share newsletters, homework, and work from school.