Summer Vacation Lego Coding Camp

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Attention all LEGO lovers! This camp combines your child’s love for LEGO building and design with unique STEAM experiences. We will learn beginner coding skills using the LEGO Boost Robot, LEGO We Do 2.0, and Ozobot as our guide. Daily science experiments promote creativity, problem solving, and writing. Your LEGO Coder will enjoy integrating LEGO play into engineering, art, and math. Every camp day brings new challenges and levels of play for LEGO lovers.

July 15-18 | 9am-1pm | $160-DAY | Extended Day Option

Are you ready for some fun in the sun on the boardwalk? Join us for a high-speed coaster ride and fishing off the dock. During this LEGO coding camp, kids will learn beginner programming skills with Lego Boost and Lego We Do 2.0. Kids will explore STEAM projects as they construct a water bead roller coaster, experiment in a lollipop laboratory, mix up some ice cream in a bag, create algorithms and debugging codes to score a carnival prize, and engineer a roller coaster and fishing boat through LEGO building. This camp is for LEGO builders of all abilities. We need novice and expert builders!

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camp reviews

My 6 year old was not sure he was going to enjoy camp because he likes to make lego creations from his imagination, not so much from directions. We wanted him to learn to follow instructions from a pro and realize the benefits of doing it that way too. Through the camp he learned the value of having a strategy while also having fun and making new friends. He’s already looking forward to the next camp! -Aliah H

My 4-year-old son enjoyed coding camp so much last spring that he’s going back for more this month. He had lots to tell me when I picked him up. He especially enjoyed working with the “LEGO robot.” It’s obvious Ms. Erika puts a lot of work and thought into planning and conducting her camps. I highly recommend them! -Sara H.

Looking at our summer calendar now! M loved his camp day last Friday and E is excited for another one. We will be signing up ASAP. -Annie G.

We love this camp! My son is already signed up for spring break LEGO camp next week. Erika is amazing! My kids both love working with her. –Nicole D.


Highly recommend Play and Learn! Absolutely love that my little guy is learning a ton at the Coding Camps while also having so much fun with friends. He has attended a few of the camps, and his understanding appears to deepen with each one. On top of the outstanding curriculum, Erika is really great with the kids! -Mary U.

My son attended a Coding Through Play Camp last week, and we were so pleased with the experience! As a middle school educator, I was impressed with the organization and communication to the parents, as well as the instruction to the young children with concepts that some might find intimidating. During the camp, he had a blast exploring different toys while working on directions (left/right), sequencing, and receiving and giving directions. I would highly recommend this experience, and cannot wait to participate again! -Maggie K.

My son, Mack, had a blast today at “his new school.” He went to Coding Camp and absolutely LOVED it! I can’t believe how much they learned in such a short amount of time and he never knew he was learning. Thank you Erika for an amazing day of learning fun. Each night we say what we are thankful for during bedtime prayers, and Mack said, “I’m thankful for my new school mom, I love it there.” –Molly W.

Savannah loved coding camp! She had so much fun and wanted to play the game she got to take with her as soon as we got home. I highly recommend this camp, as well as any other Play and Learn offered here. Thanks for a great day! -Jennifer D.

What a great day Jack had at Play and Learn Coding Camp! He loved playing Mastermind and Twister and proudly told me, “I’m a coder now, Mom!” I love how Miss Erika integrates beginning coding skills into games and fun activities, it’s such a great way for my preschooler to learn. Every detail was perfect, from the visual schedule for the day to the take-home game. I highly recommend Play and Learn! We can hardly wait to schedule our summer camp! -Karen R.

My little guy so enjoyed Coding Camp today! He came home excited to share all he had learned. I that he is getting a solid start to coding. Can’t wait for him to attend Coding Camp this summer! Thank you Erika! -Mary U.

Still practicing those Ozobot codes with duplo legos a few weeks later. Thank you for making the coding camp so fun and memorable for my kids! -Amanda Z.

Thank you for a great camp today! The kids had such a good time. -Erin E.